Chocolate and coffee are two components without which a real Petersburger could not live in the middle of the 19th century.
It is not surprising that then young Parisian chocolatier, Monsieur Patris Glenco, opened his chocolate workshop here. Refined taste, youthful maximalism and love for his work helped to gain fame in St. Petersburg. According to legend, a visit to Monsieur Glenco for a cup of coffee and a bar of milk or dark chocolate, and even buy a bag of freshly roasted coffee, has become a good tradition not only among Petersburg's citizen, but also among many guests of the Northern capital.

Then he did not suspect that after almost two hundred years, the St. Petersburg chocolate workshop Patris Glenco, named in his honor, would delight so many sweet tooth from around the world.
After all, he made all the sweets in the studio as for the closest people. Therefore, for Monsieur minor trifles simply could not exist.
A good tradition has been preserved in our days. Refined and delicate taste of milk chocolate, restrained and refined in the bitter taste of dark chocolate - all in the best traditions of the old workshop.
Over time, each member of a large family made a contribution to the development of the workshop, turning it into a magical place with chocolate, coffee and all kinds of souvenirs. We certainly tell the story of each hero, inviting each reader to become part of a big and tasty story.
In its modern form, La maison de monsieur Patris Glenco was founded in 2018 in St. Petersburg.
The workshop is trying to combine the English pedantry and commitment to traditions, French lightness and romance, St. Petersburg intelligence and aesthetics under the cover of sophistication, beauty and grace of ballet.
Everything should be perfect: taste, size, wrapper, and, of course, emotions.
About the us: the story of the Glenсo family and the creation of the workshop
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